9, 10, 11 APRIL 2013 SOUGE CAMP



SOFINS: 3 worlds, one event


SOFINS offers three kinds of encounter between Special Forces, industry and research centres and laboratories:


Feedback and dynamic demonstrations by the Special Forces, and demonstrations by industrialists and research centres of equipment and solutions designed for the Special Forces.

Exhibition of products and solutions by industrialists and research centres.

Living-labs: specially-reserved workshops for the R&D units of the Special Forces, SMEs and research centres taking part


In 2012, the Special Operations Forces celebrated the 20th anniversary of their creation. Twenty years dedicated to the design, planning and implementation of special operations decided by the supreme State authorities.

These operations are indeed special, given the strategic nature of the results sought, the discretion imposed on their preparation and execution, but also given the modus operandi used. Surprise counts for more than numbers. Precision and mastery of highly technical actions are the key to success. Such special operations call for the use of particularly accurate, reliable and lightweight equipment  designed to meet the requirements of the special forces, enabling them at all times to deal with the unexpected through initiative, responsiveness, flexibility and discretion. The equipment used by our special forces therefore constitutes real technological challenges. The SOFINS offers, for the first time in Europe, the ideal opportunity to establish close relationships between the French SMEs, research centres, universities and the French and foreign special forces in order to meet such technological demands. It offers an ideal opportunity for the world of R&D and innovation to talk with the “special forces” community and to highlight the advantages of the new prototypes and equipment that they will be using tomorrow. I therefore trust that this first « Special operations forces innovation network seminar » will meet with a resounding success. It will enable me to outline the future prospects for the equipment of our special forces over the next 10 years.

The Commander of Special Operations

14, 15, 16 April 2015 At the Camp de Souge in Martignas-sur-Jalle To get more information about the show, visit the 2013 website.